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Who tells the story matters. 

SHOW AND TELL ALASKA has developed in response to inequity. Both minorities in our fields, we want to encourage more people like us to be the story-tellers in their communities. 

SHOW AND TELL ALASKA is a 1-year virtual mentorship program for Alaska residents that will result in the completion of one medium-form project or a first chapter in a longer-form project. In addition to weekly check-ins, we will provide assignments and prompts and will convene virtually for 8 full Saturdays throughout the year for lectures and critiques. We hope to create a community of story-tellers that can be community for one another for the years ahead.

This is not a Photography 101 course. We are looking for photographers who already are making images and want to learn how to make their work stronger and reach farther. 

In addition to lectures on the history of visual story-telling, critiques, and workshops, we will be working to make meaningful connections in the industry to help bridge the gap between storytellers and institutions. We will additionally help lead participants through the basics of grant-writing to help them find additional resources to continue their work following the mentorship program.


We believe that the myth of the explorer as expert is a dangerous one.

It's time to change the narrative.

As a result, we are making this program free to participants.

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